Spring Kicks

Spring is a great time to clean out your old sneakers and update them with some fun colors. Nike has some really great combos and you also customize your own with your favorite colors. Below are a few of my new additions🌸



Nike Links 🌸

7 Rules of Life

In today’s day & age, with an influx of social media, it is hard to remember these 7 important rules of life. I wanted to remind myself and my friends that social media isn’t real and you need to to focus on REAL LIFE to be happy and have internal peace. 🌸

• Smile – It always works out in the end

• Be Kind – You have the power to make people feel good!

• Don’t Give Up – If it doesn’t work the first time, find another way

• Don’t Compare – Everyone’s on a different journey

• Avoid Negativity – Avoid negative thoughts, situations and People!

• Make Peace with Your Past – Focus on being present & creating a better future

• Take Care of Your Body & Mind – One struggles to survive without the other

Have a great day!



Green top

Floral pants (my pants are from H&M but they aren’t available anymore so I linked similar ones)

Dump Him?

As I was strolling through Instagram the other day, I came upon this influencer wearing the T-shirt in my photo and knew I needed it! First, I love the color combo and second what a statement it makes! Girls support girls and if he isn’t giving you what you deserve girl then Dump Him! Know your worth and know you don’t deserve anything less!



T-shirt Link



Dm me and I’ll dump him for you 🧡💙😉