7 Rules of Life

In today’s day & age, with an influx of social media, it is hard to remember these 7 important rules of life. I wanted to remind myself and my friends that social media isn’t real and you need to to focus on REAL LIFE to be happy and have internal peace. 🌸

• Smile – It always works out in the end

• Be Kind – You have the power to make people feel good!

• Don’t Give Up – If it doesn’t work the first time, find another way

• Don’t Compare – Everyone’s on a different journey

• Avoid Negativity – Avoid negative thoughts, situations and People!

• Make Peace with Your Past – Focus on being present & creating a better future

• Take Care of Your Body & Mind – One struggles to survive without the other

Have a great day!



Green top

Floral pants (my pants are from H&M but they aren’t available anymore so I linked similar ones)

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