What if…

What if the entire world were blind, how many people would you impress?

I try to be kind and caring everyday, of course I have moments, I’m not perfect.  But I really try hard to inspire girls my age to share their kindness with others and do something everyday to make someone feel special.

Even just a smile or compliment to a stranger could change their day!

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Transformation Tuesday

Change your look: Part your hair on the opposite side you usually wear it, people will wonder what you did

outfit credit


Mock top- Mandee

Necklace-The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is a great company

go check them out


Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday!

What motivates you?

I am motivated by being positive and liking who I am!

Girls today think they have to be perfect to a beautiful person! And it’s because of Social Media, Magazines, Reality Shows, they all show that being perfect is the only way to be!  That’s not true! Being your true self and loving your imperfections makes you a beautiful person!

So, It is ok to be “Perfectly Imperfect”

The entire outfit is Forever 21


Tell me what motivates you!



A Cat and a Cardigan

A Cat and a Cardigan for my OOTD

Outfit credits:

Cat Face Dress – H&M

Cardigan/Shoes – Forever21

Cat dress

Falling for Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love putting on my boots, jeans, sweaters and my favorite thing about Fall is pumpkin spice everything!

Our Fall so far has been a little warm so here is an outfit that looks like fall but cool enough for our warmer days!

outfit credits:  @rubyandjenna-jewelry/beanie, @hm-tank/leggings, @forever21-dress,  @stevenmadden-boots

image  image

Close up of my jewelry

dream catcher necklace my fave


Photo credit DLPhotos